Architectural Engineering

Architectural Engineering and visualization

Architectural designer is a person that is involved in the design of buildings or urban landscapes. Architectural designers have skills similar to architects. However they may not hold the same degree qualification and are generally not recognised by a statutory body. Depending on the jurisdiction, limitations may exist in projects in the work that an architectural designer is permitted to perform without direct supervision from a registered architect.

Oftern,architectural designers who have nor registered as architects are referred to as architectural draftspersons or designers as this term is not protected by statute in most countries , However in may countries around the world.


  • Introduction/Significance.
  • Importance of Landscape designing.
  • Principles of design and its role in expression.
  • Illumination.
  • Study of types of coplanar and non-planar forces.
  • Equilibrium of 2D and 3D.
  • Types of structure supports and support reaction.
  • Properties of plane sections.
  • Introduction to art.
  • Free hand drawings.
  • Architectural symbols.
  • Scale drawings.
  • Furniture and facilitation.
  • Climate and design.
  • Free hand drawing lines, curves, waves.
  • Compositions in pencil, colour and pasting.
  • 3D composition : isometric and Axonometric.
  • Object drawing with colour rendering.
  • Exterior elements ,lights,plants.etc.
  • Lettering.
  • Solid geometry.
  • Introduction for scenography.
  • False ceiling,Partitions,Wall panelling, Cladding.etc.
  • Flooring and claddings.
  • Building components, basic idea of construction, Foundation and superstructure.
  • Doors,Windows,Staircase RCC,Timber.
  • Cameral settings.
  • 3D Visualization.
  • Responsibility towards client,contractor and suppliers.
  • Residential project.
  • ELIGIBILITY: M-tech/B-Tech/Diploma/ITI


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