Interior Designing

Interior Designing and visualization

Interior designing is one of the fastest growing professional fields in this world. There are lots of employment opportunities for interior designers in various fields. Interior designers can find job with architects or architectural firms,builders,public works department, town planning bureau, regional and metropolitan development work, hotel and resort chain, hospitals, private consultancies, studios, theatre.etc.they can also set up their own business. Once they make a name it is a very lucrative profession.

It is not necessary that one should have an engineering or architectural background to become an interior designer .Apart from an interest in interior design what one needs is only ambition, enthusiasm and the willingness to learn.


  • Introduction/Significance.
  • Importance of furniture design for interiors.
  • Ancient age/Middle age/Contemporary
  • Free hand drawing lines, curves, waves.
  • Compositions in pencil, colour and pasting.
  • 3D composition : isometric and Axonometric.
  • Still life.
  • Furniture sketching.
  • Object drawing with colour rendering.
  • Lettering.
  • Use of scale.
  • Interior elements ,lights,plants.etc.
  • Solid geometry.
  • Introduction for scenography.
  • Perspective Drawings.
  • Concept stage, final design and write up with model.
  • Interior designing and visual art.
  • Elements of design.
  • Colours, accessories and their significance.
  • Project analysis and design development.
  • False ceiling,Partitions,Wall panelling, Cladding.etc.
  • Flooring and claddings.
  • Building components, basic idea of construction, Foundation and superstructure.
  • Doors,Windows,Staircase RCC,Timber.
  • Cameral settings.
  • 3D Visualization.
  • Responsibility towards client,contractor and suppliers.
  • Residential project.


ELIGIBILITY: M-tech/B-Tech/Diploma/ITI


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