Structural Designing

Structural Designing

This course will help the student to have in-depth understanding of structural behavior. This understanding will form a basis for analysis and design of building structures. It will encourage using information Technology in the design process. Further more, the students will obtain the ability to choose and adapt calculation models and appropriate methods on basis of in-depth understanding of the physical behavior, properties and limitations of the models and with regard to the actual purpose of the calculations.


  • Industry and industrial system. e.g. Refinery, Petrochemical, Chemical, Organic Pharmaceutical etc
  • Basic structural requirement of the plants/projects
  • Role of Civil engineers in various fields
  • Concrete Structure Design
  • Steel Structure Design
  • Pipe Racks and Sleepers
  • Static equipment foundation design
  • Rotating equipment foundation (Block & frame type)
  • Equipment Supporting Structures (Technological Structures)
  • Plant Buildings such as Compressor House, Control Building, Substation, Pump house, etc.
  • Non-plant buildings such as Admin building, Warehouse, Workshop
  • Type of walls.
  • Roads, Drains
  • Viz.: Contaminated rain water sewer & oily water sewer
  • Paving Dyke wall
  • Tank Farm Area, Boundary wall, Fence & gate,
  • Local support & platforms, etc.
  • Cooling Tower
  • Flare Stack
  • Chimney
  • BOQ preparation.

ELIGIBILITY: M-tech/B-Tech/Diploma/ITI


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